Friday, June 29, 2012

Chicken Taco Chili

Makes 8 servings, and each serving is about 200 calories!
All you need is:
1 Can black beans
1 Can kidney beans
1 Can corn kernels
16oz Tomato sauce
28oz Diced tomatoes
1 Packet taco seasoning
1tbsp Chili Powder
3 Boneless chicken breasts
.... and a crock pot.

Me and my mom made this today (we doubled the recipe). We boiled the chicken and then cut it up and put it in the crock pot and then threw everything else in. It took about 4-5 hours on low.

My dad also added a few things: cheese and onions.

Then I took a tortilla shell and put chicken taco chili inside and added sweet heat jalapenos and mrs. Renfrow's hot sauce and cheese. It was amazing!

We also made dip out of it my dad added some hot sauce to the chicken taco chili and jalapenos and cheese, and we dipped tortilla chips with a hint of jalapeno.

This is alot better than Chili! You must try it!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Hot!

Today Samuel (my little 6 year old brother) and me went outside to play...
It was so hot! We first got out his four wheeler and I watched him while he rode it.
Of course we had to take pictures! So he decided he wanted to pose..

Soon, the battery died so we took it in and put it back on charger. Then, we wanted a fun way to stay cool so... We got out the slip and slide, though that didn't last too long. I thought of some fun games to play; we played baseball, and done an obstacle course! The obstacle course involved putting our heads under water, which kept us cool! Then I got out the water holes and sprayed him with water and he sprayed me with water. We also made a rainbow!

No we are inside enjoying the nice air conditioning! I hope everybody is having a great summer!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Metting The Love Of My Life

After being homeschooled for two years (7th and 8th grade) I went back to public school. Now being in high school I wasn't sure what to expect. I wasn't sure if my old friends would remember me or not, or if I would have to make new ones. It was hard at first but I got used to it. I joined a program called JROTC also known as Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, I then joined Drill Team (after school program to become more involved in the program) this was the first time meeting Steven Matthew Karr. He tried to talk to me, but I didn't know what to say! I was a very shy person then... Soon I quit Drill Team right before Christmas break. That meant no more seeing nor talking to him. Sophmore year came and I decided to get back on Drill Team, this time I had to be at school at 5:40 A.M. This also meant I got to see and talk to Matt again! We talked for about a month, and every night on facebook. He told me I was beautiful and how great of a friend I was! I asked him if he would sit with me on the bus when we went on a JROTC field trip, he said yes!!! I was so nervous! He held out his hand like he wanted me to hold his hand, I was so nervous I don't know what I was thinking I grabbed his hand! I know my palms must have been sweaty considering he let go and wiped his hand off, I thought that maybe I got the wrong impression and he didn't want to hold hands. Then, to my suprise he grabbed my hand! We held hands for such a long time, we both kept having to let go and wipe off our hands. I could tell he was nervous just like me! We got back to school and talked about the day. I wanted him to ask me out! His friends kept on at him to ask me out, he finally got them to leave him alone. But, it wasn't like we were by ourselves... he kept comparing a poster to a picture of Military ribbons. He kept pacing back and forth and I just kept watching him and then he whispered "Will you go out with me?", my wish had come true. But, what did I say? Well if you are wondering I said, "What did you say?" What?!? Why did I say that! Why did I not say yes?! He said it a little bit louder but, still he whispered. So I kept on saying, "What did you say?" He finally stoped whispering, and asked me. Of course I said, yes! I mean why wouldn't I; he was handsome, sweet, believed in God, and treated me like a lady! He was perfect! It was official! Matt and me were finally together! Of course I never thought that me and him would have been together this long! But we have been and we are still going strong! Even though now we live about 70 miles apart because of my family taking in my grandpa, and there were no houses big enough and in our price range... I only get to see him once a week but, it has made us stronger! We have been together for 1 year, 8 months, and 14 days! He is the love of my life and my best friend! I don't know what I would do without him!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Just The Beginning

This blog is about my life, and it's just the beginning of it.
So here is a little about me...
My name is Elizabeth Rae Hedges
I am the daughter of Raymond and Trennia Hedges
I am a Senior in high school
I am 16
I am engaged... I know what you are thinking, "aren't you a little young to be engaged?" It's not like I will be getting married tomorrow so no. I don't have the year set yet. But I know it will be on August 16th.
I am a baptist, I love God.
I got saved the same day my mom did, November 9, 2003
My favorite colors are pink and green, which will also be my wedding colors.
I am a lot like my mom
I will do another post soon...